Custom Label Manufacturing

custom designed labels with a custom die cut

Midwest Label Supply is a custom label manufacturer. Custom labels are such an important factor in the packaging of the product and alone can have an immediate effect on the customer, before they even try the product. Either come to us with your custom label design, or work with our in-house label designer. Once your custom label is designed we can work with you on custom paper options and a custom die cut design as well.

Custom Label Services

MLS printing and converting performs services including precision rotary and flatbed die cutting, tape slitting, spool and level winding, single- and double-sided laminating, and flexographic and hot-stamp printing. We can do short runs for startup up companies and large runs for OEMs alike! MLS has served as converter and distributor for many adhesive manufacturers and other custom label printers. Our in-house design team can work with you on a custom design to meet your specific packaging needs. Our digital printing equipment is optimized for fast turnaround of high quality short run labels. Not only can help with the look of your label we can also discuss the different types of paper and adhesive which will provide for optimal shelf life of your product.

Custom Label Specifications

Midwest Label Supply can manufacture custom labels designed to your custom specifications. We can manufacture short run variable data labels to personalize and serialize label orders of one or many. We can manufacture custom text variations or custom image variations. Due to tight FDA regulations on regional and domestic food and drug labels understanding requirements and how to create your own custom label is a must. We start with large rolls of substrates and manufacture them into custom pressure sensitive labels, custom die cut labels, four-color process, various sizes, hot stamping, metallic inks, consecutive numbers, bar codes, blanks, short run and long run.

For unique applications to your custom labels, rely on our reputation as a high-quality custom label converter. Whether your labels are used in an outdoor or indoor setting, we have the solution for all your custom label needs include safety foil, cold stamp, lamination and slitting.

Custom Label Types

Listed below are some of the custom label types we are able to custom manufacture. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are working on something not listed:

We offer a full range of pressure sensitive label services including:

  • Die-cut, butt-cut, fanfolded, sheeted and rolls.
  • Full selection of foil, gloss, litho, Mylar and fluorescent stocks.
  • In-house computer graphic design, quality artwork and plate preparation.
  • PMS color matching.
  • Multi-color flexographic printing.
  • Thermal transfer, laser labels and ribbons.
  • Dies and butt cuts in all sizes: circles, ovals, rectangles and novelty dies.
  • Bar code and pinfeed computer labels.
  • Adhesives for all applications.
  • Hot stamp and asset control labels.
  • Lapel, mailing, shipping and diskette labels.
  • Bumper stickers and fun stickers.
  • Laminating, varnishing and U.V. capability.
  • Accept art on diskette.
  • Telephone and emergency labels.
  • Short run and custom labels.
  • Custom dies ordered to your specifications.
  • U.L. labels, authorized manufacturer.

Island Label Placement

At times, a design may call for a smaller size piece to be placed in a select location on a larger component of the product. This is referred to as "island placement." Island placement is the process of combining two webs together with each having a different line speed. Each web, which represents a component of the final product, has a different part repeat. This process eliminates unnecessary waste and is used to produce high-value products in the medical, electronic and label industries.

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