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Midwest Label Supply manufactures custom variable data labels which can also be referred to as variable information printing (VIP) or variable imaging (VI). Some common forms of variable data labels include address labels, custom images, stickers, personalized product labels and more. Other forms of variable data include serialization for supply chain tracking, tracing and authentication.

Our digital printing equipment allows us to provide fast turnaround of short run customized variable data personalization. On a micro level, we can create variable labels of 1. For instance if you provide us with a CSV of addresses we can print out individual address labels. Our technical staff can work with you to create a streamlined process. We have worked with app makers, FBA sellers, and shopify ecommerce sellers to automated the process of creating on-demand variable labels and stickers. We have done projects to track one million individual products and other projects to authenicate a limited run of 5. We take pride in each custom smart label project.

Supply Chain Tracking

For a recent project we made 10,000 unique 2d qr codes to track individual bottles of wine. Each wine was verified and authenticated by its qr code. The manufacturers also were able to identify batches at the SKU level to the individual cask they were stored in. This level of supply chain visibility is valuable to the end consumer. Consumers also want to understand what measures producers have taken to improve the environment. Tracking sustainable materials and limited shipping can have an effect in the store isle. We can do font matching, bar codes, 2d-codes, qr codes, and custom pictures. If you want a simple way to serialize bar codes and track individual products through the supply chain contact us today.

Variable Image Labels

Along with data we can do variable images on our labels. One example of variable images would be to include an image of the specific car someone owns in a mailer. An ecommerce example could be to include variable pictures of the accesories to a given product that your customer bought for a direct to consumer (DTC) brand. Achieve a new level of personalized marketing by getting the right image in front of your customer.

App API sticker integration

Do you have an app that allows creators to make their own designs, avatars, art or other design file? We can work with you to enable a new stream of income. Our system can work with APIs to create small run labels automatically.

Label Serialization and Tracking

Midwest Label Supply variable data labels allow OEMs to track each individual product by serial number. This allows manufactures to track supply chain issues and additional product related data. We can manufacture labels with personalization of one or more. Personalization of labels is as easy as providing us with a design file and an excel file (xls, csv), a spreadsheet, or text file with your variable data.

Address Labels

Perhaps one of the most common variable data labels is an address label. If you are looking for a simple off the shelf solution, we suggest getting Avery Labels at your local office supply store. If you need more advanced variable address designs and solutions, we can help. Some examples are a larger sticker with a picture of the certain type of product that the customer has purchased or an accessory that might go with the specific purchase

Local Retail Customization

In addition to making individualized labels, we can also make labels to help you target a specific store or region with your labels. For instance, imagine you create a promotion in which your wrapper is good for free admission to a local high school game. We can help with that!

Personalized Labels Campaign

Another example is the coke can concept of putting names on the can. We can work with your ERP system to make an individualized custom product label based on the purchaser.

Generic picture of data

Variable QR Codes

One nice thing about digital printing machines is the ability to print off one label at a time without needing complex tooling. We recently printed a variable data project in which the customer needed serialized QR codes such that each qr code related to a referrer code. It enabled real life referrals to be tracked back to the QR code which was scanned. We thought it was a cool use of variable data and QR codes in a contactless point in time.

Referral Code Serialization

In the example above we identified using QR codes for referral code generation. Most referral codes are online and most people don't think about ways to print referral codes. This is an opportunity for retail minded individuals who like to stand out. Could you convince a landlord to put your real estate listing clings in an empty retail window with a referral code that refers back to your comissions accounts?

We like solving complex supply chain issues around customized and personalized products. We can print variable data on a variety of materials including paper, coated, uncoated, glossy, semi-glossy, bopp, film and more. We have a library of fonts that we can use or we can work with yours. Call today!

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