In House Label Design

in-house label design, picture of kids room

Many customers begin their label journey with our in-house label designer. And by in-house I mean both our business and our house. At Midwest Label Supply we are a family business. My wife, who graduated from the University of Michigan fine arts school, just happens to be an industry leading and award winning packaging, brand and label designer who has worked in multiple large creative agencies in Chicago. She can work with clients throughout the creative process to achieve the look and feel that you want for your labels.

If you are looking for an in-house packaging and label designer who can walk you through the nuances of papers, labels and adhesives, we can do that. We can also take your label or design specs and work them prepress to find the proper size and label placement for your unique product packaging.

Our in-house label designer has worked on wine, beer, chocolate, popcorn, and cosmetic labels and knows the right paper for the right product.

Contact us today for help designing your next custom one of a kind label. Stand out from the rest.

in-house label design, picture of kids room

Custom Label Design Example

This picture represents one of our custom designed labels. The retail customer came to us with a started label and we were able to add some pizazz including a custom cut and design. We have delt with customers who have a drawing on a napkin up to customers who have an old label and need us to recreate the design file. We have worked for one-person businesses and fortune 50 businesses alike.

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