QR Code Printing

Variable QR Code Serialization

Midwest Label Supply can help with your next QR code label printing project. Somewhere along the way we started geeking out on serialized and variable QR Codes. With the pandemic, everyone now has a QR code reader in their pocket and QR codes can point to the cloud. We have printed serial qr code stickers to improve supply chain, marketing efforts, data storage and additional regulatory compliance. There are many ways to apply qr codes to ERP systems and simple customer interactions that companies are just starting to understand.

Variable QR Code Labels

Print custom variable qr code labels to suit your small business needs. Midwest label accepts variable data (VDP) in the form of excel, csv database or text file. We can add the variable qr code to a custom design file for your producct. We can print one qr code as an individual label or for skus. Our pressure sensitive label material can be applied to products by hand or by automated labeling systems.

Midwest Label has variable set up in our DNA. We enjoy complex variable printing projects and our pricing is coparable to the market.

QR Code Deep Link

Variable QR code stickers can deep link into apps. Most QR codes are scanned with Mobile phones. Deep linking sends users to a specific point in your app. Variable QR codes can help you send users to a specific point in an app for each specific use case.

QR Code Label System

If you have an idea for a packaging or production logistics system that runs on unique QR codes we can help. We have developed an application called Thingaroo which revolves around complex serialized QR code production systems.

QR Code Apps

We have a fairly technical team at Midwest Label Supply. If you are working on a software application that uses QR codes don't hesitate to reach out and see if we can help. We have worked on programatic applications that utilize variable qr code stickers.

Thanks for letting us talk about QR codes. We actually have an app in development which will help product owners do fun things with QR codes. Reach out if you want to brainstorm or talk about QR ideas dan@midwestlabelsupply.com. We are experts in variable data printing.

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