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Variable QR Code Serialization

Let us be your variable QR code serialization printer of choice. Somewhere along the way we started geeking out on QR Codes. Like you, we didn't like using qr codes for menus or marketing materials. But when we started to use serial qr codes to improve phone interaction with supply chain and customers we started to excited. There are many ways to apply qr codes to ERP systems and simple customer interactions that companies are just starting to understand.

QR Code Apps

Below is a curated list of cool ideas we have seen or developed for customers in the QR Code Space:

Work In Progress monitoring system

If you have a few minutes watch this Youtube Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz_xAGJQefA&t=252s. It allows you to set up a simple QR Code, Google Form and Google Sheet. With the wave of a phone you get a form, fill out the form and you have a simple inventory monitoring system. Or classroom attendance or any sort of App where you want to keep notes.

Individual product monitoring

Big companies like Nike are able to track individual products through the supply chain, using applications like ATMA.io. There are also blockchains that are creating NFTs associated with products. One such blockchain is VeChain. We think you can do this with simple serialized QR codes. Create your product story either at the SKU level or the individual product level.

Limited Edition QR Code

Have a big limited edition product release and want a way to allow your customers to authenticate that their product is 1 of 200? Variable QR codes are an easy way to do this!

Deep Linking to Phone Apps

Why stop at simple URLs with QR code? You can link directly into apps on their phone and help skip multiple steps to transaction. Some common apps that are frequently deep linked into include Amazon and all of your favorite social media apps.

Thanks for letting us talk about QR codes. We actually have an app in development which will help product owners do fun things with QR codes. Reach out if you want to brainstorm or talk about QR ideas dan@midwestlabelsupply.com. We are experts in variable data printing.

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