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Variable QR Code Serialization

Midwest Label Supply can help with your next variable QR code label serialization project. Somewhere along the way our small printing company started geeking out on unique, serialized and variable QR Code labels for unique ID applications. Most people with a smart phone have a QR code reader in their pocket. QR code label links can point to any unique web address or deep link into custom software applications. Along with sending the user to a unique link, companies can use QR codes to corroborate who is clicking the link, where they are clicking from and a variety of other data points to digitalize processes.

Midwest labels has printed serial qr code stickers to improve supply chain, erp systems, inventory control, games, marketing efforts, data storage and additional regulatory compliance (lab, research, UDI, DI, PI labels). There are many ways to apply qr codes to ERP systems and simple customer interactions that companies are just starting to understand. Whether you would like serialized QR codes or individualized url QR codes for an interactive application we can print individualized QR labels for you.

Variable QR Code Labels

Print custom variable qr code labels to suit your needs. Midwest label accepts variable data (VDP) in the form of excel, csv database or text file. We can add the variable qr code to a custom design file for your producct. We can print one qr code as an individual label or for multiple skus. Our pressure sensitive label material can be applied to products by hand or by automated labeling systems.

QR Code Options

Come to us with your next QR code project and we can help prototype exactly what you are looking for. For those who have large scale qr applications (chain of custody...) some considerations are QR Code Version (1-40) which can determine QR code sizing and appearance (big corner boxes). QR Code error correction: if part of the QR is scratched off can you still scan it? QR code size: How large do you want your QR code to be, which depends on the prior 2 items (error correction and QR version). We also have pre-printed off the shelf pressure sensitive qr labels if you need labels quickly and can connect the series to data in your existing system. Other options include removeable adhesive, water proof and weather proof.

What is QR Code Serialization?

QR code serialization is the process of assigning a unique serial number or other identifier to each label in a batch of labels. Serialized QR codes provide a way to uniquely identify and track individual items, making them useful in a variety of applications. We can do a print run of millions of QR codes in which no qr code points to the same thing. Whether your QR code labels are serialized in a simple numerical progression or use a more complex version of individualization, we can help. Often times serialization is used for batch or individual product tracking to connect product events to ERP systems. Custom serialized labels can be used in retail settings to track the sale and return of individual items to prevent fraud, and to provide customers with information about the products they are purchasing. And if you non-serialized qr code stickers we can obviously to that as well.

At Midwest Label we like to automate qr and data matrix serialization whenever we can. As an example below is a simple script that can serializes QR codes onto an avery template. Feel free to try it out. The output is a PDF with serialized QR codes for you to make labels at home. If you need to do more complex serial qr codes, just reach out.

QR Code Deep Link

Variable QR code stickers can deep link into apps. Some of the serialization projects we have done are just numbers or text which relate to an asset tag ID and connect to the vender CRM or ERP. Other QR codes deep links that sends users to a specific point in your app. Variable QR codes can help you send users to a specific point in an app for each specific use case.

Web URL Serialization

Historically, when people think of serialization they are thinking of a numerical system which counts one number to another number. Now that data can be tracked in the cloud many data systems are using serialized URLs which enable data capture for unique events and individualized products. We have developed software to help you create serialized URLs for data tracking purposes.

QR Code Scan Tracking

QR codes are a type of barcode that can be read by a device with a camera, such as a smartphone. When used for track and trace, a QR code is typically attached to an item, such as a package or a product, and contains information about the item's origin, destination, and other relevant details. To track an item using a QR code, a user simply needs to open a QR code reader app on their smartphone and scan the code. The app will then access a database to retrieve the information associated with the QR code, allowing the user to track the item in real time. Unique QR code stickers could be placed on the outside of a storage or inventory box such that you could identify what is inside without going into the box.

QR Code Label System

If you have a unique idea for a packaging or production logistics system that runs on unique individualized QR codes we can help. We have developed an application called Thingaroo which revolves around complex serialized QR code production systems.

QR Code Apps

We have a fairly technical team at Midwest Label Supply. If you are working on a software application that uses QR codes don't hesitate to reach out and see if we can help. We have worked on programatic applications that utilize variable qr code stickers.

ISO 15415 QR Codes

Midwest Label prints ISO 15415 compliant QR codes. If you are working on a larger project we can work with you to establish a digitally tracked quality control system to ensure your QR codes are ISO compliant and checked on a regular basis.

Thanks for letting us talk about QR codes. We actually have an app in development which will help product owners do fun things with QR codes. Reach out if you want to brainstorm or talk about QR ideas dan@midwestlabelsupply.com. We are experts in variable data printing.

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