Data Matrix Labels

Data Matrix Labels

Midwest Label can print custom variable, 2d, serialized and individualized data matrix labels. We have printed data matrix labels for millions of products. We can print and die cut data matrix labels on rolls or sheets depending on your needs. We take extra care to insure that you are getting the serialization and unique traits that you desire. We can add data matrix codes to larger labels for shelf worthy products or we can print as individual designs for smaller tracking purposes. We have off the shelf designs to test out data matrix size attributes to figure out what works best for your application.

Data Matrix vs. QR Code labels

What's the difference between QR code vs. Data Matrix labels and when should you use each? The first question you should ask is will the end customer (i.e public) be scanning this? If the answer is yes, then you probably want QR codes otherwise the end consumer would need to download an app to scan it.

Assuming that you are printing smart labels for internal use, typically data matrix is going to be your best bet. Data Matrix size can be specified to the amount of data stored within the code. (i.e. "ih324535" could be a smaller image using data matrix over QR codes). A typical QR code shouldn't be much smaller than .75"x.75" whereas a data matrix label can be much smaller.

Another easy to spot difference is that QR codes have boxes in the corners which help scanners position the QR, while data matrix uses lines to frame it. While most phones have QR code scanners included it is also possible to download free apps which can scan data matrix codes with your phone.

Serialized, Variable, Individualized Data Matrix

Whatever type of variable data you are looking to put in your custom data matrix labels we can help set it up. Either send us a CSV, a text file or if it is a simple serialization (P0001, p0002) we can set it up for you. Our current equipment is set up to print up to 10,000,000 serial data matrix labels per month, but we have also done runs as small as 1,000.

What are some use cases of Data Matrix tags

There are way too many to mention. If you look at your recent Amazon delivery you will probably see multiple data matrix labels. These can help Amazon do anything from tracking warehouse slotting, to delivery tracking, to package contents and more. Many data matrix labels codes are spun out of ERP systems and are associated with product IDs.

Track and Trace Requirements

Many industries such as Food and Pharma have requirements for product traceability throughout production, warehouse and supply chain. Our labels have been used for packaging, cases and individual products to create the data and transparency needed for regulations. Many people believe that using Zeebra data matrix printers is the easiest but we would enccourage you to talk with larger organizations (Amazon) who pull data matrix labels off a roll due to this process being more cost effective.

ISO 15434 Data Matrix

For larger projects Midwest Label can work with you on quality control procedures to ensure your data matrix labels are ISO 15434 compliant. We have a digitalized process that we can use to scan data matrix labels and log the findings. ISO/IEC 15434 is a specification and syntax for automatic identification and data capture techniques commonly used in 2D barcodes such as Data Matrix.

Customer can come to us with a CSV of variable data, which our data matrix generator converts into images to print. Other customers come to us with a serialization concept that we can design data matrix files from. While we don't offer data matrix scanners, our labels are readily readable any type of data matrix scanner. We could go way further on this, but we'd rather you call us and we can just chat about it. Also, we have a standardized 1"x1" data matrix file that we can print out and send to you if you want to play around with an application and test it out.

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