Small QR Codes

Variable QR Code Serialization

Midwest Label Supply can help with your next variable small QR code label serialization printing project. There are many applications in which a normal sized QR code just won't cut it. One application in which a larger qr code doesn't work is on a small tube. Another application is when the surface area is small for some sort of scanning purpose. We will dig into these below.

Small tube QR codes

We realized through testing that putting small qr codes onto a tube wouldn't work unless the qr code was completely visable on a "face" of the tube. If the full qr code isn't visible, you can't scan it. You can't "roll" the tube and get the qr code to scan, it needs to be visible. What we found to work was about 80% of the face. So take out a ruler, measure the visible face and then guess that about 80% of that is a good number.

How small is a small QR code

We haven't printed a label so small that it can't be scanned...yet. The recomended minimum qr code sizes tend to be much larger than what is possible. For instance we recieved a suggested minimum of .9" squared for a certain application/data but later found out that we could go down to .45" squared with the QR code and standard phone scanning. If you want to try a small qr code, by all means reach out and we will test/research it with you.

Thanks for letting us talk about QR codes. We actually have an app in development which will help product owners do fun things with QR codes. Reach out if you want to brainstorm or talk about QR ideas We are experts in variable data printing.

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