Chain of Custody Labels

Chain of Custody ERP tracking label

Midwest Label can print custom chain of custody labels and stickers for your individualized tracking needs. Gone are the days of paper forms, which are hard to enforce and hard to store. With a digital chain of custody footprint, you can easily collect and analyze data to improve your process. There are multiple definitions of chain of custody. We use chain of custody to mean the ability of a system to track an object through a process. Think of the QR code and data matrix labels that are on Amazon or Dominos orders. These labels can be scanned at any point in the process which pings an ERP and lets the customer know where that product is in the process (being made, out for delivery, on the porch...). Our smart label specialty includes data matrix, QR Codes and bar codes but we have also dabbled with RFID and NFC chips as well. Any type of label that is smart and affordable is fair game to help solve the puzzle of logistics and chain of custody.

There are a variety of delivery and OEMs that use chain of custody tags to enhance the customer experience such as food delivery, 3PL shippers, factory distribution and more. In recent years, blockchain chain of custody has also evolved. We can make labels for any type of individualized and security application.

Use Cases

Delivery Labels

These types of smart labels are scanned to track a delivery process. Similar to how Dominos Pizza alerts customers when the pizza is in the oven or on the road for delivery.

Medical Test Mailing Labels

You may have a medical test which requires HIPAA compliance and you want to use smart labels to connect the patient, to the mailer and to the test results. Our labels can help you do this.

While we can't help with the chain of custody software, we can help with the labels. This includes printing serial, variablen, numerical and individualized alphanumeric codes which fit into your tracking web points or ERP system. We have done custom runs as small as 200 and as large as 20 million.

If we can't help solve your logistics package tracking problem we will at least try to send you in the right direction. Other types of similar labels are COA (certificate of authenticity) or COO (certficate of origin)

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