Custom Label Manufacturing

Welcome to Midwest Label Supply, we specialize in custom label printing of labels, stickers and tapes. We are based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our sweet spot is fast turn around, short runs of 100 to 10,000 labels with options for variable data printing and white underlay. Midwest Label Supply produces high-quality, custom, pressure-sensitive labels printed on a variety of media including semi-glossy, glossy, uncoated paper, transparent film, cling, bopp and more. We know print manufacturing quality (QA) system regulation (GMP) and we know how to achieve FDA standards.

Custom Labels

Midwest Label Supply is a premier label manufacturer of high quality, custom, digital print labels. As a contract manufacturer, we do not make any of our own labels, we make labels to customer specification. We can work within your design and turn around labels fast or you can work with our inhouse designer. Some of the customizations we are able to manufacture include variable data labels with serialization, white ink printing, lamination, die cutting, converting, rewinding and roll to roll slitting.

Smart Labels

Recent enhancements in QR Codes, NFC Chips and RFID tags has provided the opportunity for product makers to become more efficient. We like to work with CPG companies to not only manufacture beautiful labels but also to eliminate supply chain difficulties by helping track the product lifecycle. Our digital printing process allows us to print small runs with variable content information(text, images, codes, UIDs) for enhanced customer experience.

Pressure Sensitive

Midwest Label is a custom pressure sensitive label printer. The vast majority of prime labels for food and beverage are pressure sensitive. This mostly means that they are printed on a face stock with a liner. The liner for pressure sensitive labels enables the labels to pop off when a little bit of pressure is applied. Pressure sensitive labels are used with automated or manual machinery for removing the label from the liner and applying it to the product. If you are not familiar with pressure sensitive labels give us a call and we can walk you through the process.

On Demand Direct Fulfillment

Are you a leading sticker sheet ecommerce seller who doesn't want to bulk order, warehouse and fulfill online orders? Our on-demand digital printing, die cutting and label or sticker sheeting, paired with packaging allows us to provide on-demand direct fulfillment of small label orders. Compare us to Amazon FBA or your local 3pl and you will be delightfully surprised.

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