Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure Sensitive Labels, Two Rolls

Pressure sensitive labels are the most used type of printed labels. They are ideal for manufacturing automation or hand applied labels. Pressure sensitive labels are the "workhorse" of the industry, by some estimates 80% of the label market is made up of custom pressure-sensitive labels. Midwest Label Supply can print short-run and variable custom pressure-sensitive labels. We have experience printing with many types of specialty inks and adhesives and can print on a variety of substrates including paper, film and foils. Customo pressure-sensitive stickers can utilize paper, film and foil as their essential mark materials and can be utilized with a wide scope of inks. It just takes light or moderate strain (from a human or label applicator) to pop them off of a liner roll and apply (or stick) them to an item surface. They can be stripped off and adhered onto an item utilizing a hand or machine-applied strategy.

What are Pressure Sensitive Labels used for?

Custom pressure sensitive labels are most commonly thought of when manufacturers are considering how the label will be applied to the packaging of a product. Often times pressure sensitive labels will be applied to the packaging through an automated or semi-automated process. Such as a cylindrical beer or soda can or bottle label applicator. You will find pressure sensitive labels on a broad variety of products. At MLS custom pressure sensitive labels are manufactured for wine labels, cosmetic labels, medical labels, beer labels and more.

Variable Pressure Sensitive Labels

Midwest Label Supply can print serialized and variable custom data on your next label. Types of codes we can produce include QR codes, data matrix codes, bar codes, and warehouse SKU labels. Just provide us with an excel, CSV or txt file and we can input the data into labels. We are able to do short-run or long-run applications.

Custom Pressure Sensitive Labels

Midwest Label Supply offers print on demand custom pressure sensitive label printing. We are able to do short-run or long-run applications. We can also do variable printing for batch or 1 labels or mass customization applications (e.g. Give someone a Coke campaign). We can add laminates which protect labels from moisture or add tactile touch and feel. The sizes vary from 10mm x 10mm to 1200mm x 2000mm sheet sizes and 10mm to 1000mm discs diameters.

Pressure Sensitive Label Finishing

Along with providing a vast array of printing options for custom pressure sensitive labels, we also can do a variety of unique custom finishing options. Some examples include die cutting such as the Coors Mountain label. We can provide overlaminate for UV protection, limiting abrasion and moisture protection. Lastly we can slit the labels onto roll sizes that fit your custom needs. As a contract print manufacturer we do not store off-the-shelf PS labels, instead our labels are made to order.

Pressure Sensitive Food and Beverage Labels

You'll see our custom pressure-sensitive labels on an expansive scope of items from food and beverage to industrial equipment to cold wet ice cream shelves. Our specialty is low volume specialty products. We have a fine eye for the print craft and we hope our customers do as well. We work with a variety of specialty products that need to stand out on the shelves.

Below is a video of our die cutting, splicing and roll-to-roll finishing at work:

Custom Pressure Sensitive Options

Our labels our printed on a variety of substrate options including custom material stock, adhesive, laminate and finishing.

Face Stock

For material stock midwest label supply deals with over 50 material options to include but not limited to paper, gloss, semi-gloss, vinyl, transparent and more. Our materials allow us to achieve applications including fine wines, beer bottles, craft beers, and smaller bottle applications like pills and oils.


Most of the products we manufacture labels for use some variety of permanent adhesive. We know colder, wetter or outdoor applications can require a more stringent adhesive. Just let us know what you are working on and we will make sure we have the right adhesive for the job.


For finishing options we offer die-cutting, laminations such as matte and UV protection and we are able to slit a specific roll size to make sure your labels are applied to your product in the right spot coming off of the applicator. We know how precise labeling can help your product stand out on the shelves and we are here to help you acheive that.

MLS's food packaging pads have a market advantage in that by design they are versatile enough to be produced to:

MLS printing and converting is a Milwaukee based pressure sensitive label manufacturer, contact us today with your custom label needs.

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