Bar Code Labels

Sample Custom Bar Code Label Image

Midwest Label can print variable or serialized bar codes for inventory tracking. Whether you are working with a warehouse management platform or looking to roll your own inventory or asset tracking system, our bar codes are sure to do the trick. We have worked with all kinds of warehousing companies from startup, to distributer, to OEM to fortune 50 companies. Our SKU labels have been used for slotting and for properly storing or shipping boxes. We can work to create the right sized label for the application

We are fluent in the different parameters needed for a custom bar code label such as text, custom text or no text. Bar Code 128, 39, or other. Thining of the lines or not thining of the lines.

1d and 2d Code Character Count

We have helped customers figure out the right type of code for the process based on the number of characters in their data, the types of characters (numeric, alphanumeric), and the size of the product that they are putting the labels on. There are many nuances to Bar Codes, QR Codes and Data Matrix codes and the scanning thereof. As experts in the field we can save you a lot of time before going to press.

Variable Bar Codes

We can print 1 of 1 labels to suit your needs. We can set up a serialized system or you can provide us with a CSV or text file and we can automatically create bar codes from the data. We can include custom text or images along with the variable bar code.

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