Label Printing Projects

Are you looking for inspiration? Here are some fun projects we have done. If we have done work for you and you would like your project to be highlighted don't hesitate to reach out. Open in new window for larger images.

serialized qr code for supply chain

Self-Checkout QR labels

For a large beer festival we recently made QR code labels so that individuals could buy snacks and avoid the beer lines. All-in-all it was a successful launch although we heard there were a few drinkers with sticky hands. Make your own QR labels

beer label with a goat on it

Custom Beer Label for Party

Some may say this is a special GOAT. It is. These labels were custom made for a special birthday present. If you want to make stickers or labels for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, you name it, we will make it. Make your own custom small batch labels

non-profit donation battle of the books labels

Book Labels

Midwest Label prides itself on supporting local non-profits and doing pro-bono projects. Here are some labels we made for a local school for Battle of the Books. We support education!

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