Wine Label Printing

custom wine label example

Midwest Label Supply is the perfect label printer for your custom and unique short run wine labels. Our digital printing press is ideal for quick turnaround of short run labels (100-10,000 pieces). Our in-house designer is experienced with wine bottles and can help your label achieve the desired effect.

Because we have manufactured a wide variety of wine labels, we have developed a program and internal knowledge to simplify the process for home wine makers and large commercial producers alike. We offer high quality materials with top quality printing. No Minimums, no die charges, no plate charges, fast turn around!

Typical wine label sizes include 3" X 4", 3.333" by 4" and 3.75 inches by 4.75 inches. We have seen and been able to accomodate any wine label size.

Wine Shrink Caps

Looking for a little extra pizazz with custom wine shrink caps? We can help with that too.

Custom Wine Labels

Nothing can compare with having your own exclusive labels on your wine bottles.

Wine Label Materials

Below are just a few options for your custom short run wine label needs. If you don't know what you are looking for just give us a call and we will walk you through your options.

CLASSIC CREST® SOLAR WHITE SMOOTH - 60# smooth, uncoated white paper with an excellen printing surface, high strength, and dimensional stability. Perfect for wine labels and other upscale products. FSC-certified.

PCW Wet Strength Paper - A 60# FSC-certified, 100% post-consumer waste paper with wet strength. Resistant to moisture, its perfect for beverage applications, like wine, beer and chilled spirits. Its luxurious look will enhance upscale food and personal care products.

Bright White Felt - 70# (103 g/m²) uncoated bright white, wet strength paper. Maintains its integrity when wet. Perfect for wine, beer, and other beverage labels. The rich weight and texture makes it ideal for upscale food, home, and personal care products. FSC certified.

Give your wine bottles a sophisticated look: we offer our own exclusively manufactured color labels.

  • Give the wine your own name or that of your city/town, e.g., Chateau Boston 1998
  • Give your wine a phantom name, e.g., Piesporter Vancouver, Chateau Seattle 1998
  • Create your own labels for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, college graduation, company parties: any kind of a celebration
  • Create labels for restaurants and for promotional give-aways (for commercial wines)
  • Practical and perfect for both commercial and hobby wines

We work across a broad range of industries including gourmet food and wine, pharmaceuticals, retailers, wholesalers and manufacturing.

Wine Label FAQs

Can you print white?

We can in fact. Many printers cannot. We can print white on clear labels to achieve desired effects.

Can you help design my wine label?

We can in fact. We are a husband and wife team and it just so happens my wife is a trained designer and has worked in some large design houses in Chicago.

Can you do single custom die cuts?

I will just say, it depends. If we need to create a custom die, it could cost a lot. If we are able to use something like a laser die cutter it could be affordable.

Can you do fancy wine labels with cool textured paper?

Absolutely! We love creating wine labels with a feel of simplicity and luxury. "But you aren't in California?" We know, we just love and enjoy the complexity of creating the perfect bottle.

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