Sticker Sheet Direct Mail

Sticker Sheet Direct Mailer

Midwest Label Supply can help with your next sticker sheet direct mailer project. As the digital landscape becomes over crowded and expensive to compete in, some smart advertisers have turned to variable data sticker sheet mailers as a way to stand out with their clients. Too much mail is bulk spam and bills. A well crafted and invidually customized campaign can be well received and allow simple customer signup and tracking.

The steps needed to run a successful sticker sheet direct mail campaign include data capture, design automation, printing, die cutting, sheeting, packaging, postage and shipment. I will walk you through each of the steps below.

Data Capture

We are on the print side of things so I am not going to dig too deeply into data capture. We can accept data in the form of csv file, xls file, txt file, json, and images.

Design Automation

After we recieve the data we typically either use a python script an adobe script or our pre-press software (Wasatch) to automate design of our printable files. As an example using Wasatch we can input a CSV of URLs and Wasatch will output custom formatted QR codes.

Printing, Die Cutting and Sheeting

Printing, Die Cutting and Sheeting are fairly straighforward. We print roll to roll on 13" width material. We die cut stricker shapes (qr with rounded corners) and then cut the rolled material into sheets.

Packaging and Postage

We then package the sheets into envelopes with address labels add postage and ship direct to the customers (direct fulfillment). We can match qr code labels to the address label as well. As an example, if you are a B2B business and wanted to send labels that related to a baseball team to that specific baseball team, we can do that (sorry bad example but hopefully you get the point). We can tailored mailers to specific customers in bulk.

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