Small Batch Craft Labels


Midwest Label Supply can print small batch labels to go with your small batch product. Our equipment was specifically engineered to allow us to manufacture small runs of quick turnaround custom labels with custom printing and custom cut shapes for specialty products makers. The picture on this page is of Cache Cider a Cidery with many different varieties in small runs. Photo by Carl Stevens

How is MLS different?

We can make custom digital shapes with digitally printed short run labels cheaper than anyone else. Why? We don't have the overhead. Its just a one-person shop with two machines (a printer and a die cutter) custom designed for small orders. When you call you are talking to the owner, pre-press, machine operator, the printer and shipping department.

Why is MLS different?

Because life doesn't need to be filled with unimaginative large-run homogonous, souless, global brands. We help small crafters compete with professional shelf-worthy labels at low quanities.

beer and wine federation

Craft Beer Labels

Midwest Label Supply is a proud supplier member of the beer and wine federation We are a member because we believe in what this group is doing to help small craft brewers eliminate costs through group purchasing. Member of the Beer and Wine Federation recieve a discount on labels.

Small Batch Label Pricing

The following label is done for 35 cents per label with no additional tooling fees. It has a custom design and a custom die-cut including the bubbled top. We manufacture low volume labels of 100 to 200 labels per batch. Our sweet spot is batches of around 5,000 but we can do more or less.

Craft product labels

We have done similar small batch products for craft beer, craft spirits, coffee roast batches, custom spices, pasta, bean to bar chocolate and more. We have done it for large shop owners, small shop owners, farmer's market products, retail products and kid's lemonade stands alike. We have worked with private and white labelers of neutraceuticals.

Just because you are a small specialty batch maker doesn't mean you can't compete with large company packaging. We have you covered (wink).

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