Self Checkout Labels

Example of a self checkout label

Looking to create self checkout labels for an omnichannel customer shopping experience? You've come to the right place. Midwest Label is a leader in variable QR code labels as well as an integrator of APIs and smart labels. Let us show you how to get started today.

Shopify self checkout labels

We will use Shopify as an example. Here is how to do it:

  • Step 1.) Go to your Shopify store and download your store products CSV -
  • Step 2.) Send us the CSV and the URL of your store
  • Step 3.) We send the labels back and you can put them on your products.

Why Self Checkout Labels?

Self checkout labels can allow you to put your goods in new locations that you may not have thought about. It can also alleviate pressure on your employees. As an example, think of an office check-in desk. Or a unmanned farmer's market. If you already have a retail store, these labels will enable customers to checkout on their own without having to stand in a busy line.

Custom Self Checkout Labels

Use our pre-made templates which include a QR Code, product description and price or we can work with you to create a custom designed labels.

Omnichannel Thrift Store Checkout Labels

If you are looking to sell an invidualized (one of a kind) item in your store but also connect it to your Shopify store, this is how you do it. Customers can check out using the labels which is connected to the product in your Shopify store. Once sold, the item will no longer be listed in your Shopify store.

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