Label Cold Foil Stamping

cold foil stamped label

Cold Foil Stamping has been a proven winner for wine label packaging for many, many years now. While rotary hot stamping has been the mainstream technology of choice for decorative foiling on wine labels, a new process, "Cold Foil Stamping" has surfaced over the years and has begun to overtake conventional hot foil stamping. Cold foil stamping provides the opportunity for the knowledgeable label buyer to provide decorative foil colors and patterns for a fraction of the cost. Unlike hot stamping, cold foil does not require expensive rotary dies and multiple images can be used by utilizing a simple flexographic printing plate. The cost and time savings is tremendous and no longer a prohibitive cost factor. So give Midwest Label Supply a call to determine if cold foil is right for your product line. You'll be glad you did.

For elegant and attention grabbing effects, colored metallic foil is hot stamped, in place of ink, onto a label. Our hot stamped foil labels will change your business. Our labels are designed for quick and easy use. One- and two-color foil imprint labels. It can be done with dry lamination or a more modern wet lamination process. Cold foil printing can be done with plates as apposed to expensive tooling. It is more similar to a printing process than finishing process. Cold foil can be in "blanco" or in register with existing print.

Cold Foil Stamping vs. Hot Foil Stamping

Ever wondered what the difference between hot foil and cold foil stamping is? Below is a good video describing the difference. This isn't our video but we thought it was helpful for undertanding the difference.

How Much Does Label Foil Stamping Cost?

Cold foil stamping is a typical part of the label finishing process. If we do the printing, laminating, die cutting and slitting of the finished label, the time and cost of adding cold foil is not much more. Like typical labels the cost comes down drastically with volume. The materials cost is fairly minimal. Most of the cost comes from setup and take down of the machine. Call today for pricing!

Our printing press and converting combination allows for custom cold foil stamping, hot foil stamping, embossing and uv varnish of short run lots. Contact Midwest Label Supply for fast turnaround of your next cold foil stamp project.

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