Label Finishing

label rewind process

Label finishing processes such as slitting, label die cutting, laminating and rewinding are very critical components in any custom label finishing operation. Midwest Label Supply has invested in state-of-the-art designed slitters/rewinders specific for film and package printing. This allows us to maintain tight tolerances and produce a finished product that is going to run well on packaging lines.

Midwest Label Supply is mainly a digital printer but we do offer some custom finishing applications. If its a process that we can't do inhouse we have a few local shops that we work with. Some typical types of label finishing include coating, laminating, die cutting, UV processing, slitting, embossing, stamping and skiving.

Offline Label Converting

In addition to digital printing we have separate machines for converting. We have worked with other label printing companies to do sub-contract and co-packing work if they only have the printing machinery. Our label finishing equipment is able to read registration marks and then process labels. We have one machine which does plotting and die-cutting, laminating, rewinding and slitting. This machine allows us to finish very small quantities of labels. We have another label finishing machine which allows us to do semi-rotary die-cutting, spot varnish, uv coating, foils (such as safety, holographic) and rewind.

The difference between offline and inline is that an inline printer is normally a continuous process with printing and converting in one run. An offline process means that the label roll needs to be pulled off the printer and placed on the finishing machine. Make sure to work with the right label company for the process you need.

Label Rewinding

At Midwest Label Supply our rewinders wind up labels into a roll as they come out of the printer. A rewinder is much more convenient way for labels to come off the press so that you can receive them on a roll ready for application to your product.

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