Drink Labels

custom drink label example

High quality wine, beer and soda bottle wrap labels with multiple colors and graphics attract attention, increase shelf appeal and enhance product sales. MLS specializes in short-to-medium runs and offers up to 12-color capabilities. We can print on clear, white, holographic or metalized material.

Backside eye marks increase efficiencies with less downtime on labeling equipment. There is no black eye mark or eye bar on the front of the label.

By specializing in private brands, we can offer fast turnaround time and address the specialized needs of the independent bottler.

Wine labels hold a special place in our collective heart. Would that be because we like fine wine? Who doesn't. Or could it be the many awards we have won for our distinctive custom wine labels? Perhaps. But seriously, it has to do with the elegance of fine wine, and the difference that a fine wine label can bring to it, perhaps more than any other product.

At Midwest Label Supply, wine labels are treated as the art form that they have always been. Our art department begins the concept by helping you describe the mood, the feeling you want to convey. We expand and brainstorm on adjectives that evoke that feeling, and then reduce it to a short list that quintessentially describes your wine and clientele. From there, we translate that mood into several design comps, exploring variations in color, layout, style, type, material, and ink.

To you, the wine label is as much a part of the experience as the wine itself. It must be special, it must be exemplary, even stellar. You have our promise, that we will treat it with every bit of the respect and care that you have bestowed upon your grapes (or hops, as the case may be). Your wine label deserves no less.

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