White Label Printing

custom wine label example

Midwest Label Supply can provide white label printing services for complex label designs. To the casual observor, you might be thinking, "so what?". Good question, white printing enables a variety of complex label print options for challenging situations and enhanced color profiling. We can provide white under the entire label or only under existing color prints to enable transparency around your design. We are able to print white underneath (underlay) your design or on top (overlay) of a mirror image of your design which enables cling materials to show outside through a window.

White printing on transparent materials

If you are printing on transparent materials, unless your ink is really thick, your print job can be quiet see-through. We print a lot of clings at Midwest Label Supply. Clings without a white underlay are not very vibrant.

White printing on absorbant materials

On uncoated stock materials, printing with water-based ink can cause absorbtion which can take away from the color profile of the labels. In some instances, applying a white underlay allows the white to be absorbed and the colors to sit atop and maintain their color vibrancy.

Midwest Label Supply is able to print CGYKOG and White, contact us today for your complex color printing challenges.

Wine Label FAQs

Can you print white?

We can in fact. Many printers cannot. We can print white on clear labels to achieve desired effects.

Can you help design my wine label?

We can in fact. We are a husband and wife team and it just so happens my wife is a trained designer and has worked in some large design houses in Chicago.

Can you do single custom die cuts?

I will just say, it depends. If we need to create a custom die, it could cost a lot. If we are able to use something like a laser die cutter it could be affordable.

Can you do fancy wine labels with cool textured paper?

Absolutely! We love creating wine labels with a feel of simplicity and luxury. "But you aren't in California?" We know, we just love and enjoy the complexity of creating the perfect bottle.

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