Self Adhesive

Pressure Sensitive Labels, Two Rolls

Self Adhesive Labels are ideal for food and beverage, spray bottles and automotive products. They are defined as "coated with a sticky substance; adhering without requiring moistening". Unlike a postal stamp which you need to lick, self adhesive are ready to stick when applied. Midwest Label Supply has extensive experience with many types of specialty inks and adhesives and can print on a variety of substrates including paper, film and foils.

Self Adhesive Labels are perfect for small runs labels. If you just need a handful, and can design it yourself, just go with one of the large automated robot shops like Vista Print. If you have a product and need high quality labels, with a personal touch and help in the design process, work with us!

What type of Self Adhesive Labels do you carry?

  • custom self-adhesive wall paper
  • custom self-adhesive posters
  • custom self-adhesive labels
  • Matt Polyester & Polyethylene Labels
  • Gloss Polyester Labels in Transparent / Clear or White Polyester
  • Gloss Paper Labels in Gloss or Semi-Gloss Paper
  • Matt Paper Labels in White, Premium White, Kraft, or Coloured Paper
  • Fluorescent Colour Labels: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Magenta
  • Metallic Paper Labels: Gold & Silver

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