Restaurant Delivery and Pickup Stickers

custom designed labels for restaurants with a custom die cut

In the time of COVID, branding your restaurant in fun and creative ways could help generate new long term customers. Placing custom container seal stickers on your pickup and delivery orders can not only make sure your packaging bags stay closed and secure its also a good way to brand and present offers.

Midwest Label Supply is a short run manufacturer of stickers, security labels and container seals. We can work with you to create timely labels and experiments to test strategies in a short feedback loop.

Take out container seals

Security seals on your containers can both keep your to-go items safe and warm. We can help you devise a solution somewhere between completely tamper proof and just a fun sticker. Once your food leaves the building with a 3rd party vendor, you lose visibility. With secure tamper proof container seals you will have a little extra piece of mind.

Restaurant Pickup Sticker Ideas

Some ideas for stickers to help beat the pandemic include:

  • Discounts on future orders
  • General logo branding
  • Support local restaurant stickers
  • Random giveaways. We print a QR code which leads them to your site where they can sign up for a giveaway.
  • Coupons
  • Collaborative games with other local vendors

Order Tracking Labels

If you are looking for individual order progress tracking labels and tags please see our QR Code labels, Data Matrix Code and Chain of Custody Stickers. We have worked with some large delivery organizations around the country.

Midwest Label Supply is a custom label manufacturer. Custom labels are such an important factor in the packaging of the product and alone can have an immediate effect on the customer, before they even try the product. Once you have figured out your label design, we can work with you on a custom die cut design as well.

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