Label Paper Options

Custom paper rolls for labels

Midwest Label Supply can print custom labels on a variety of different paper stocks. If we don't have the paper you are looking for off-the-shelf, we can normally order it on short notice. Contact us today with your project!

We work with a variety of label paper stock suppliers such as Green Bay Packaging and Neenah Paper. We are a Wisconsin based label printer.

Eco-Friendly Label Options

Midwest Label Supply has eco-friendly label options for environmentally conscious brands.

  • Semi-Gloss Paper: FSC Certified
  • Economy Paper: FSC Certified
  • Estate #9 and #4- FSC Certified
  • Kraft Paper Labels: FSC Certified
  • Hemp Paper Labels

BOPP Label Options

  • White BOPP
  • Clear BOPP
  • Silver BOPP
  • Silver CHROME BOPP

Additional Paper Options:

  • Paper Labels
  • Linnen Labels
  • Vellum Labels
  • Felt labels
  • Films
  • Plastics
  • 100% recycled Paper
  • Textured Paper labels
  • Moisture and Tempurature resistant Paper
  • Gloss, Silk, Dull and Matte Finish Labels
  • Paper Electronics labels

If you are a label paper geek, or beginner, I highly recommend watching: Print Product: Choosing Paper on Linkedin.

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