BOPP Label

medical labels

Another of the advanced product range substrates that we can manufacture self adhesive BOPP tapes. Our material supply is far superior to what is available in the market. This is because of the superior acrylic adhesive that we use on our films. They improve the holding power or fastening power of the ribbon and do away with smudginess, cheapness of conventional adhesive tapes. These are self-adhesive BOPP tapes and are cross-linked adhesive that offer greater internal molecule strength as well as elasticity. As the molecules retain their positions, the adhesives last longer.

BOPP for prime labels

Midwest Label Supply has a variety of BOPP materials in stock for fast turnaround of your next prime label project. We have it available in glossy, matte, white, and transparent, with an option for white ink underprinting. Because it is made of plastic and not paper, BOPP is water and oil resistant which makes it good for room temperature as well as cold and humid applications. We have used this material for natural oils and sticky syrups alike.

BOPP Plain Film

BOPP plain film can be applied to items such as album, calendars, bags, flower package, etc. Some of the positive attributes include good transparency and bright colors. The mechanical attributes include high tensile strength and high vapor barrier. Bopp Labels can be treated with surface treatment on one side or non-treatment.

BOPP Labels Complementary Applications

Using our inhouse processing we are able to print high quality BOPP labels in addition variable data printing, die cutting, laminating, slitting, fast turnaround and low quantity orders. Try us out today!

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